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Ex-NBA Player Bol in Hospital in "Critical Care"

In this June 9, 2008, file photo, former NBA basketball player Manute Bol poses for a photograph at the Sunrise Sudan headquarters in Lenexa, Kan. Bol is hospitalized in the Washington, D.C., area with severe kidney trouble and a painful skin condition. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga) AP Photo/Ed Zurga

Former NBA player Manute Bol is hospitalized in the Washington, D.C., area with severe kidney trouble and a painful skin condition.

Sudan Sunrise director Tom Prichard says the 7-foot-6 Bol is in "critical care." He says Bol "had a total kidney failure" and has developed Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, which has caused Bol to lose patches of skin.

Bol was returning to the United States last week from his native Sudan after helping fight corrupt practices in the country's recent elections. He was hospitalized during a stopover in Washington.

Prichard says he thinks Bol is "going to pull through" but may have to be moved to a burn unit.

The 47-year-old Bol played 10 seasons in the NBA.

His illness was first reported on The Washington Post website.

"He's pleased that he accomplished what he was so determined to do in Sudan," Prichard told the Post. "He was fighting with every bit of his strength to try to keep southern Sudan on course towards a referendum in January of next year. . . . It put him right on the edge of survival, and he made it."

2010 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Do You Have Multiple Sclerosis?

MS is possibly the most difficult disease to diagnose. The symptoms are vague and widespread mimicing other diseases. Symptoms depend on the area of the nerve damage with locations of the brain and spinal cord.

Symptoms include:

1) Blurring or Double Vision (usually in one eye)

2) Patches of Body Numbness

3) General Weakness (usually one side of body)

4) muscle Spasms

5) Fatigue

6) 'Pins and Needles' in extremities

7) Loss of Balance and Coordination

8) Cognitive (ability to think) difficulties

9) Overall Sensitivity to Extreme Heat or Cold

10) Loss of Sensation in Affected Extremity

More Advanced Symptoms include:

1) Speech difficulty

2) Irritable Bowel Syndrome

3) Difficult Urination

4) Loss of Sexual Desire

5) Paralysis

At first, Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are Episodic (off and on). The symptoms usually last 1-3 weeks, then you go into 'Remission' for a few months. Some individuals may have one Episode and go into Permanent Remission. Others will gradually experience Progressive symptoms. As MS Progresses, your Remission time will have Residual (remaining) symptoms from your last episode.

Generally, MS symptoms present around age 40. For those who are Diagnosed at an younger age, the symptoms can be more aggressive. This is a dibilatating disease causing you to eventually be wheelchair bound.

My first symptoms occurred at age 39. It took 6 years to diagnose! I thought I was going crazy because no one could tell me what was going on. I had suffered for so long that when Multiple Sclerosis was finally diagnosed, I was actually relieved! I wasn't crazy!

I experienced Frustration and Depression as well as the strain of trying to work full time to support my 2 sons. We had no help, and I had full responsibility. Talk about PRESSURE!! Thanks to my stubborness I fought the good fight and kept us afloat until I was approved for Disability Income.

I really miss my career in Radiology, but it was a very Physical Profession, and I don't have the strength or coordination to continue. For the last 2 years I've been sitting around feeling sorry for myself, but my Survival Mode kicked in and I knew I had to find something to do with my time.

I'm happy to say that I found a Great Career that I can set my own hours and no Physical Activity is required. I can still help people, just in a different way. My biggest satisfactions in my career were the hugs and 'thank you's' from my patients. That's the part I miss the most.I will never be able to go back. My Multiple Sclerosis is Progressing with residual Remissions.

I take it one day at a time. positive thinking and the support of my 2 sons has proven to help. Make the best out of everything, and you'll be fine!

By: Lou Stella Barron

Article Directory:

I've been a single mom of two wonderful boys since 1994. I had to end my cherished 25 year career in the Radiology Profession due to Multiple Sclerosis. My boys have always been my greatest inspiration to keep me fighting and never giving up! I now, proudly, work from home!

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Top 15 Most-Wanted Video Games Of 2009

The music and atmosphere of the African village in which you fight via are haunting and this installment boasts more rapidly-paced gameplay than the other people in the series. This is not necessarily a negative factor. The encounter is difficult, forcing you to conserve ammo and fire your weapon with precision, because survival depends on your capability to stay away from being flanked by enemies and being a lot more tactical with your relative position. After you have constructed your reputation, be cautious of what you allow your name to be linked to. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: It surprises me that even soon after all these years, Nintendo has still not managed to release a Zelda game that surpasses this masterpiece. More than a decade following it was 1st released, this game still awes with hours upon hours of enormous exploration, epic battles, and remarkable storytelling. These games are hot products! Now there are themes that, if 1 poked entertaining at them, you may well get death threats. But the good thing about these games, which ostentatiously poke entertaining at so-called rednecks is that rednecks really like the publicity! For instance, coal is utilized to fire up a furnace which in turn melts ore into metal. My second born, is messed with everyday as well, and 1 day, they pick him up and throw him to the ground ahead of College. They broke his collar bone.
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Gambling, rival factions and intrigue are amongst the gameplay features of New Vegas, with an optional "hardcore" mode creating factors even far more fascinating. The specific edition for New Vegas contains some cool products, including a deck of playing cards and a graphic novel. For Fallout fans, springing for the upgraded version may make for an outstanding present. With this year's E3 getting scaled down from the enormous occasion it was final year, not many new games were (or had the time) to be announced. But these that have been appear to look very promising. Step three: Subsequent I source the right music due to the fact the length and mood of the music dictates the structure of the slideshow. Since there's an innumerable quantity of much more stuff thanks to Clonk's modability. For at least 10 years now there has been a huge community of people who produce all sorts of addons to the game. And in this park, we managed to get the most significant trailer they had. It's not just jumping around on platforms and enemies. You can pick up, carry, and throw other players (Mario, Luigi, and two Toads). If one of your teammates gets too far behind, the screen pans out for visibility.

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An engineer and a group of folks are attempting to chase and quit the locomotive before it crashes causing a toxic spill. The spill has the potenial to destroy a complete city with its poisonous gas. Picture a game, even though, where everyone participates, absolutely everyone is worthwhile to the lead to, and absolutely everyone feels they played an important role.

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Best Two Outdoor RV Campground Games

I did get invited to a bar after with the manager even though. David, my husband was our designated driver. The manager said I required a night out, and deserved it, and she even bought me a handful of rounds. The game brings back the classic 2D side-scrolling gameplay of the old Mario titles to the Nintendo Wii for the really 1st time. Asides from more than 80 levels and new creative energy-ups, New Super Mario Bros. Wii also help four-player cooperative play. If a Halo adaptation is ever going to be produced it better be quickly. I know it's preposterous to think Halo will lose its recognition but almost each non-Nintendo franchise loses reputation at some point. Will Wright's game will let you to generate your own creature and evolve it, an entire civilization and even an entire planet. Can you envision, like it was there organization?! This was not assumed by us, but the manager told us she created it public understanding! Green Day: Rock Band- I personally loved Green Day back in the 90s and was excited to see that Rock Band was going to release its subsequent game on them.

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I do all sorts of cuts, fades, transitions and keying slide transitions to the music using this computer software. But you can also use Winows film maker and other free softwares for fundamental presentations. Tips: If you are like me and don't like narrating then use text to voice software. By the end of the promotional week, more than 200 million people will have had direct access the the trailer. In a Buena Vista Photographs press release, additional screenings are announced. In addition to the broadcast launches, every territory will partner with print and online outlets to maximize exposure. Because there's an innumerable quantity of more stuff thanks to Clonk's modability. For at least 10 years now there has been a enormous community of folks who develop all sorts of addons to the game. And in this park, we managed to get the largest trailer they had. In a year of massive initial-party Playstation 3 exclusives, Uncharted two: Amongst Thieves is the cream of the crop. Each and every year, video games maintain obtaining much better as game developers discover the methods of the business, seeing what works and what doesn't. What makes these games so well-known?

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The racers are back to getting alone in their carts, a departure from its last iteration, Double Dash!! I can take him on; let me beat the crap out of him, please!" The guy is shocked, because my third born is skinny, tall but skinny. At his bed-side Mario learns that Luigi was taken out by the evil Wario, and sets out to make it back into racing, and ultimately have the likelihood to race against the foe that took out Luigi.

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Best Playstation 3 Games Set To Be Released In 2008

At least that's what a Mario Kart The Movie trailer could lead fans to think, as a couple of individuals have produced a teaser for a attainable film. The Mario Kart games are some of the most profitable to come down the pipeline for Nintendo, and as the Nintendo Wii gets even far more well-known, it's bound to spawn off at least a couple much more sequels to the successful franchise. Mario Kart has turn out to be a lot more than that for a group of fans who decided to pay homage to the game and produce a film trailer completely created to showcase a attainable feature film staring the popular plumbers. Here is the approach I use to make my personal video game trailers. Step 1: The 1st factor that I always do when producing a video game trailer is to source great graphics and if it's for a game then its quite effortless. There is always an abundance of higher top quality desktop wallpapers on the web. That van, had a 454 in it, (No, I'm not kidding!) we built it from a box, in wanted to hit her. And it was also how the children had been receiving ring worms. Lets fight proper right here, correct now. Most need to be ok to use as extended as you aren't employing them illicitly. If something you can usually make your personal if you have the time though I wouldn't advise it unless you want to do 1 or two styles and no far more. Step two: Subsequent you may want to source some transparent photos.
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In reality the graphics are so correct to life that the game has been described as getting into the Uncanny Valley where characters look so close to genuine they take on a creepy aspect. In Uncharted 2 we get to take manage of protagonist Nathan Drake as soon as once again as he follows the actions of legendary explorer Marco Polo. When Sony showed a demo reel of Killzone 2 at E3 2005 and claimed to have rendered the footage in genuine time the anticipation for the game, and for the console itself, went via the roof. You can run at super speeds, jump really far distances, absorb memories, information, and biomass of enemies you defeat, and many other issues. There is much expected of this game basically because of the interactive combat gameplay and all the unique approaches you can comprehensive a mission objective. Each and every year, video game businesses save some of the most-wanted games for release in the course of the hugely competitive holiday season. Sure it's a bit of a low price range presentation, but that needs to be set aside for the creativity that that the guys (and gal) put into producing this film. In the Mario Kart The Movie trailer we see how Mario has gone by way of a rough life, and is now out of racing, and back to his life as a plumber. He seems to be almost content material with that life until he finds out that brother Luigi has been seriously injured in one more race. Other popular scenarios are the middle age exactly where huge castles are built and knights fight hand to hand or on horseback, the wild west exactly where modest towns are built and cowboys duel every other, and many flavors of foreign worlds, like the arctic, deep sea, jungle, you name it. And why is it impossible to mention all that? Not much quantity, but the high quality of the games announced is absolutely there.
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It took months of working on it, to figure out what they had literally accomplished to it. She freaked out, and ran into her property and locked the door. That woman by no means mentioned yet another word to me once again, after that!

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